Meet Your New King of Komments


We've been running this contest into the ground throughout the month, so I think it's about time to announce who the new king of comments will be.

If you remember we had narrowed down the list to these five:


Each of these commenters are daily readers, heavy commenters, people who spend an inordinate amount of time reading our stories and calling us on our bullshit and for that we love them. But unfortunately, we could only pick one for the new position of Commenting Czar, a person who will be giving the mighty banhammer, a tool which has both the ability to strike down lesser tools and to give life to once bannified accounts. The new czar will also earn $US 200 a month for their hard work.

Hit the jump for the name.

Without further adieu I give you your new Czar: Witzbold.

To everyone else I just want to remind you that we haven't yet decided how long this job lasts and that we also still plan on trying to hire a few more interns so don't give up hope. And of course we're always looking for strong, inquisitive writers. Thanks again for everyone's effort, drinks on Witz.


    Itsa meeee Wiiitttzzzbold!

    I don't want your stinking job, because I'm whacked out on Magic Mushrooms.

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