Metal Gear Solid 4 Is Just About Done

thumbsup.jpgMetal Gear Solid 4's nearly done. They promise! On his latest podcast, Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton has told listeners the game's in its "last push". While a few late features or tweaks can be expected, for most of the team work's winding up, and the project is about to enter the bug-testing stage. And that means no more delays. Why no more delays?

Mr. Kojima of all people is really committed to [the date]because he really hates to disappoint people, and I know he is embarrassed by what happened with the 2007 slip into 2008.

Because he couldn't bear the shame! PAL users will also be interested to know Payton re-iterates the fact the game will be seeing a simultaneous (or, realistically, very close to one) worldwide release.
The KP Report Session 074 [via Shacknews]


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