MicroCenter Dates GTA IV

gtamarch08.jpgHas a retailer let slip the release date of the next Grand Theft Auto? National electronics chain Micro Center has released a sales circular with the bottom of one page stamped with the Grand Theft Auto IV logo, a few choice pieces of art, and the words, "March 08." That would be a Saturday for those of you who keep track of such things, which is a pretty odd day for such a huge title but certainly not unheard of. The circular warns that new release availability is subject to change, but it seems like an awful lot of black ink to waste on speculation.

GameDaily, who broke this particular story, got in touch with the folks at Rockstar to see if they could get some sort of confirmation.

A Rockstar Games representative on Tuesday replied by reiterating that Grand Theft Auto IV "is going to come out during our second financial quarter of 08."

So no help there. With Super Smash Bros. Brawl releasing on the 9th, this could mark the most I've gone out on a weekend since I turned 21.

Recent circular advertises early March date for the upcoming Rockstar game. [GameDaily]


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