Microsoft Furious At Your Ridiculous HD-DVD-In-A-360 Chatter

hulk.jpg And here we were thinking the only other constant in life - death aside - was Microsoft saying "no comment" when confronted with a rumour. Guess we'll be scratching that from our big list of life's constants, because when asked for the millionth time about the possibility of the Xbox 360 being offered with an internal HD-DVD drive, you can almost see their eyes rolling:

We have reiterated multiple times since launching the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player that we have no plans to integrate an HD-DVD player in to the Xbox 360. We feel that offering the drive externally is the best way to give consumers the ultimate choice to create their own high-definition experiences.

OK, so maybe not furious, but when stood next to their standard "no comment" it certainly looks a lot...surlier.
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