Microsoft GDC Keynote To Show Off XNA?

xnalogo2.jpgSo Microsoft are giving a keynote at GDC next month. We know it'll have something to do with Xbox Live. And it's future. But what, exactly? The give-away's in the session's title: "A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community". Despite being around for over 18 months now, Microsoft have thus far had little to show for their efforts in nurturing small-time, indie development on the 360 with their XNA service. That's likely to change at GDC, however, with a posting on the XNA developers blog asking:

We're looking for a few 2D and 3D games created using XNA Game Studio for an upcoming opportunity to showcase the great work our community has been doing since we released the tools over a year ago. This could be the chance you and your game have been waiting for to enjoy the spotlight and anything that may come as a result.

Deadline is January 18, which puts it squarely in GDC's timeframe. There's a better than good chance XNA, and the best games small developers have so far cobbled together on the service, are going to be taking centre-stage.
Calling All Games! [XNA Blog]


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