Microsoft Moving 7 Games Per Console

lucky_seven_on_slots.jpgBack when I was an NES junkie, I owned only a handful of games. And that seemed liked a LOT. Now, I have my wife trying to throw away the Xbox/360, DS, PS2/3, and Wii cases that fill every nook and cranny of my living room (the vintage stuff is in my office). Apparently I'm not the only one to sacrifice my paycheck to purchase games, as Microsoft is now claiming a 7-game attachment rate per 360 sold—what they call a "record" for "consoles in relative history." Considering that most games for the 360 hit shelves at $US 60 a pop, not only are gamers buying more titles, but they're probably spending more money on said titles than ever before. (Translation: the Xbox 720 will offer titles at $US 70, suckers). Microsoft CFO Liddell Talks [CNBC via Maxconsole]


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