Microsoft: Xbox 360 Can Be The New PS2

ps2%20copy.jpgSure the DS sells like hotcakes and the Wii is doing pretty well, too. But the real contender to which all others will be measured in this generation of console hardware is the PS2, king of the last gen. And Microsoft VP Jeff Bell thinks that the Xbox 360 can fill the shoes of the PS2, as he told 1UP:

We very much are positioning ourselves to be the choice console of this generation, much like the PS2 was in the last generation.

But what about the Wii, you say.

We think that we could live very, very well in the same household as the Wii, and we're trying to make sure that when there is that choice for a second console that it is the Xbox 360. I do think that Nintendo has flipped and has become the first console for this generation for a lot of families who did have a console history. What I still don't know is how many absolute new households have been brought in because of the Wii...We're positioning ourselves to be ready if, in fact, gamers find they're ready to graduate from a certain experience potentially with the Wii, either because it's limited on the type of gameplay that's available or the technology in that box.

Here's the issue: by current sales trends, the Wii looks like the new PS2 at the moment. And with the current price of consoles, even with a growing market, it's hard to imagine two home systems moving 100,000,000 units—especially when the portable market is exploding. Sloppy seconds might give you a chance to make out with the head cheerleader, but they can also increase your risk of oral herpes.

But you know the drill. The comments are your flame whore.

Sitting Down with Microsoft's Jeff Bell [1UP via MCV]


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