Miyamoto Talks Future Projects

giantshiggyface2.jpgIn the latest issue of Famitsu, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto talked about what's next on his agenda list. Believe it or not, he's considering working on some sequels to existing Nintendo franchises, including a new Super Mario Galaxy game and another Zelda title. But what may come as bigger news is that the Wii Fit Balance Board may be getting some new games as well.

Whether or not we'll see more Balance Board titles depends on the success of Wii Fit outside of Japan. If the game succeeds, expect peripheral-compatible titles to follow. To the casual observer, there's a huge opportunity to make a Wii Balance title for those who'd like to pick up an extra board. Given that such a model succeeded in the past, don't be surprised at the reprise.

Nintendo Considering Wii Balance Board Games
[IGN via Maxconsole]


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