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mmostrategy.jpgBloomsix has just announced exactly what the world has been missing - a massively multiplayer online strategy game playable on any java-enabled mobile phone. Armada: Kingdoms will allow players from all over the world create and maintain their own towns, join kingdoms, and eventually war with other kingdoms, fostering a strong sense of community, allowing players to get enjoyment out of 10 minutes of gameplay while providing a deeper experience for those with more bathroom cell-phone gaming time on their hands. Like most MMO games, the world is persistent, allowing other players to interact with your towns while you are off doing more productive things. If Armada: Kingdoms delivers the goods, it could be the hottest thing to hit mobile gaming gaming. The game is slated for a Q2 2008 release. Keep an eye on Bloomsix's web page for information on the upcoming beta.

Bloomsix Announces MMO Strategy Game for Java-enabled Phones

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, January 30th, 2008 - Bloomsix has announced the first mobile massive multiplayer online strategy game named "Armada: Kingdoms". Most Java-enabled phones will be supported, and public release is scheduled for Q2 2008.

"Armada: Kingdoms" is a mobile massive multiplayer online strategy game, where thousands of players own a town and form kingdoms with other people. The goal of the game is to manage your economy, expand and ultimately attack your opponents. The game is both competitive and cooperative at the same time and has a strong community aspect to it. The game's persistent world allows players to interact with you while you're logged out, a distinct difference between classic MMORPGs. "Armada: Kingdoms" is truly 24/7 and its short session game play allows you to take an active part of the game in a non-intrusive way; playing 10 minutes a day is enough to manage your town yet the game offers a deeper experience for more dedicated players.

Bloomsix has been working under the radar on "Armada: Kingdoms" for a year. However, the concept was created in 2001 and several prototype were created. Internet connectivity, one of the market barriers of multiplayer gaming, has gained momentum thanks to versatile smartphones and economic subscription plans. "After a year of
production, Bloomsix is happy to announce Armada: Kingdoms to the public", Joris Verschoor, one of the founders of Bloomsix added, "We're excited to invite the world to play our beta soon".


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