More Evidence Duke Nukem May Actually Be Released

DNF.jpg Duke Nukem Forever. On a shelf in your local games store. Go on. Try and picture it. Close your eyes, squint real hard, and imagine it. No luck? Understandable. It may get a little easier after hearing this, though. In an interview with Down In Front, the game's art director, Tramell "T-Ray" Isaac, says when asked what stage the game's development is at:

Well, we're doing a lot of polishing of set pieces, environments, and characters.

Not conceptualising. Not building. Polishing. Do we dare to hope? Do you dare to hope?
Duke Nukem Forever the Interview [Down In Front, via CVG]


    In related news, It appears Hell has frozen over, a team of pigs in Lancaster have invented the first Swine aircraft and Norbit has one an Oscar for best Motion Picture

    certainly has been a red letter day

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