Musicals, the Untapped Video Game Genre

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: On Using Chopsticks

I remember learning to use chopsticks when we first moved to Thailand. It was at a restaurant in Bangkok and they gave my brother and I a peanut to pass back and forth so we could practice.

I saw Sweeney Todd with my wife yesterday. What a great movie. Gory, but great. It got me to thinking. Has there really ever been a video game musical? Like a game that features music or singing as both a way to tell the story and a gameplay mechanic. I don't think there has, but wouldn't it be a cool idea. Like maybe an action game that uses the Guitar Hero or Rock Band controllers to dish out damage to foes in a rock opera. Maybe Tommy the Video Game. See that is one of about a million reasons I'm not a game developer.

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