My Last Rock Band Drums Mod Post Ever, Maybe

26dc_1.JPGI've been trying to keep Kotaku the place to go for the latest, breaking Rock Band drum silencing mod news. And while I'll surely break down and post more in a day or so, for now I'm taking a vow of silence.

...right after I finish this post. Are you interested in quieting your Rock Band drums and rocking out some airbrushed flaming skulls at the same time? Good! Because such a life is now available on eBay. While not the sexiest modification we've ever seen, these peel-off replacement heads feature that touch of homemade that will make you look like a real starving artist who hasn't understood the world since the 80s. Hit the jump for a bonus picture, this time with even more skull goodness.

Rock Band Drums Skulls
[eBay]Thanks Steve!


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