My Unexciting Desk, By Popular Demand

desk.jpgAnd by "popular demand", I mean "one person".

Anywho, if you happened to miss the mega post from the US with photos of not only the desks of famous game developers, but the ever-so-lovable crew over at Kotaku US, here's your chance to check it out now. It makes my post just a little less random.

This is my paltry contribution. That ViewSonic monitor on the right is half-buggered. It'll only display a resolution up to 1024x768 (used to be 1680x1050 native). It's not an ideal second screen, but it's better than nothing.


    Hey, at least I'm considered "popular".
    Are they chocolate coins? And why do you have a pile of tissues in front.. ...never mind.

    my laptop is my main machine, games and all, not very ideal : (.

    have you tried updating the drivers for that moniter? (and also gfx card)

    Well you look ready to go as soon as the cops show up. Got your passport and a bucket of change.

    Your desk is a lot cleaner than mine...but we do have the same monitor.

    My work desk has a crappy monitor though.

    okay I might be stupid for not knowing, but why 2 screens? PLANET KILLER!!1 I'm just kidding, who cares... indulge all you like .... uhhh but why ? is it like for conference calls ?

    @ Duskbringer
    I see what you did there.

    Unexciting desk indeed, i see nothing video game related!

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