Mythos Gameplay Makes Us Question Life, Allegiance

Most of us at Kotaku (everyone minus Fahey) generally avoid MMOs like cactus barbed with Hello Kitty needles. But this new trailer of Mythos (the Flagship Studios Diabloesque MMO made by some ex-Blizzard folks) has us seriously questioning whether or not we really need lives after all, and if interactions with others—in the flesh, without the +2 Electric Boots of Courage—aren't entirely overrated.

It's a short clip, but it gets the point across. Until we see Diablo 3, this is our Diablo 3. On a side note, if Blizzard wants by $US 15 a month, they officially know how to get it.
New footage from Dialbo-y MMO Mythos [via N4G]


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