Namco Meets New Era For Pac-Man Caps

namco_new_era.jpgSome of the more casual fashion friendly types at Kotaku Tower aren't just into t-shirts and sneakers—some of us like fitted caps, too. So when Namco teams up with cap experts New Era for a line of Pac-Man fitteds, we expect great things. Oh wait, it's Namco. Expect run of the mill things. The Namco X New Era line looks to have dropped in Japan recently, a limited edition trio of wool baseball caps that feature Pac-Man, Inky, Blinky and Pinky. Each will set fans back 6090 yen (about $US 55). More hats, more pics, at Fuctard's online store.

New Era Non-Team [Fuctard via High Snobiety]


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