Naughty Dog Still Talking Uncharted 2

drakefortune.jpgNaughty Dog's Christophe Balestra has given further hints as to the direction his company is taking for a sequel to Kotaku NQGOTY Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. While we already know a second game is an inevitability given the success of the first, Balestra offers a little more info on the sequel's direction, telling French site LCI:

Il faut pour cela prendre un peu de recul et porter un regard neuf sur le jeu pour voir dans quelle direction on va le pousser. Mais l'univers est là, il est riche... Il y a donc le potentiel pour un nouveau titre passionnant. Encore meilleur.

[We're]taking a step back and taking a fresh look at the game to see what direction we are going to push [Drake] . But the universe is there, it's there's the potential for an exciting new game. An even better game.

An even better game? You have our blessing.
"Notre jeu est un Indiana Jones des temps modernes" [LCI]


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