New SFIV Character Revealed

sfivnewgirl.jpgMeet Crimson Viper. She's the latest member of the Street Fighter IV roster, revealed in scans posted by neo2046 over at NeoGAF this morning. Judging by the pseudo business attire and the always fashionable fauxhawk, I have the same response as the majority of the NEOGaf commentors - is SNK doing Capcom's designs these days? Not knowing how to read Japanese has me at a severe disadvantage, but from what I can gather she is to have a fighting style completely new to the Street Fighter series, which really doesn't leave a lot to choose from. My money is on the ancient art of flailing around wildly and hoping you connect - a style I have spent many years perfecting.

new Street Fighter IV famitsu scans (new character revealed) [NEOGaf - Thanks Nathan!]


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