New AMD Phenoms Get Benchmarked

New AMD Phenoms Get Benchmarked
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Gaming_01.pngFor those of you looking to build or upgrade a PC rig, Techspot just ran a ton of benchmarks on AMD’s newest Phenom processors, alongside Intel Core2Duo and Core2Quad processors. The verdict? The Phenoms did pretty well, shining the most in Crysis and FEAR (though performing less optimally during UT3, Company of Heroes and Prey). It can never be cut and dry, can it? But one important point: go with the Intel Core2Duo over the Intel quad-core because, with many games, the Duo still performs better than the Quad—give software time to catch up with the hardware.

AMD Phenom processor family performance [techspot]


  • SPOIT (US).
    I just found out that actually the opposite seems to be true. Intel defines TDP differently than AMD. AMD TDP practically states the maximum power at worst condition (this is meaningful) while Intel does not (rather elusive – tells only to put extra fans because the max is more than listed). It apear to be rather marketing exercise from Intel (you are proof that it works).
    Intel’s max is about 15-20% higher than listed (web). The AMD systems are easier to cool than Intels (I guess, because the AMD motherboard designs account for the max power while Intel’s not). The ultimate pay is that Intel may relay more on power management when it runs at max for prolonged periods of time (means slowing down processors clock frequency) .
    I am updating from Prescott and become a lot more “green conscious” over the last three years so the power consumption is important factor (Prescott eats 200W when working and 120W idle)

  • Apparently many here didn’t even look at the full review, where you would SEE the AMD Phenom beating the Intel cpu in many non-game benchmarks.

    Or you just chose not to look at them.

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