New Brawl Stage Creates Super Mario Bros. Wii-make Lust

With Super Smash Bros. Brawl delayed to March, we just assumed that the Smash Bros. Dojo would be running dangerously on content fumes, posting about cursor changes when one hovers over portraits or scraping the barrel bottom for alternate costume choices. We certainly never thought they'd drop the Mushroomy Kingdom on us, the best looking stage yet. It's a Wii-creation of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros., a constantly side-scrolling level that only makes us long for a remake of the NES classic. We'd totally buy this sort of thing via WiiWare, Nintendo, if you're listening.

That bit on the right? It's the alternate version of the stage that appears randomly, a 3D take on World 1-2 from the same game. Who knew we'd get so turned on by a torch nestled under some polygonal bricks?

Mushroomy Kingdom [Smash Bros. Dojo]


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