New Gaming Peripherals from Wolfking


Wolfking unveiled its MVP Series Warrior Gamepad and Trooper Mouse at CES today, the biggest change from previous incarnations seems to be a matte black finish.

To be fair, this enhanced version of the Trooper Mouse has a programmable frame rate of over 7,080 frames per second, high speed motion detection, and a patented Rapid Fire Switch, which will allow gamers to click up to four times with a single button push. And the ergonomic design and LED sensor displays do make it look like a good, high-end gaming mouse, although for an MSRP of $US 59.99, you'd expect it to be.

The MVP Series Warrior Gamepad (MSRP: $US 34.99) appears to have minimal upgrades from the original, with the same 55-key layout and USB 2.0 connectivity as its predecessor. Wolfking does say that this version has a high level of customisability, though.

Both peripherals are available in that sleek matte black, with the option of a red, blue, or silver accent gradient.

WOLFKING Introduces MVP Series Gamepad and Mouse [CES Press Room]


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