New Halo Map Pack Gets Hinty

New Halo Map Pack Gets Hinty
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pp-goonmap1.jpgBungie, the constant tease that they are, has just lifted Master Chief’s skirt half an inch for the world to see. What can we make out? Surprisingly smooth knees. And the first details on an included map codenamed “Moon Base Alpha.”

To me it sounds like the most interesting Halo 3 map yet, with lots of water and unlockable areas accessible only through a deadly jump or a (surely frag-bait) switch system. Not yet ready for public consumption, even ex-Kotakuite current-Bungieite doesn’t know the map all that well yet…meaning the next Halo 3 map pack is probably a long ways off. Here are some specifics from an entry on Bungie’s site:

As we mention in the Q&A following this, “Moonbase Alpha” now has large opening doors and more unusually, a kind of unlockable jump over a deadly chasm. In its locked state, a jump over will almost always result in death. Unlocked, it becomes an easy jump and a simple shortcut. More and more, this map is beginning to appeal to my interests. At first I thought it was just a bit too large, but now that I know my way around it, it’s brisk enough to support even one vs. one games.

Sounds promising. Who out there is still playing loads of Halo multiplayer?
Bungie Weekly Update 01/11/08 [via cvg]


  • I really dont think you all should complain about map packs being 10 dollars. Most people make more than 10 dollars an hour at minimum wage or more! I just dont see why everyone is so fucking pissed! heroic is free and Legendary is teriffic. If you cant afford it then dont post complaining. I think 600 mp is a very fair price i might add. COD4’s 2 map pack was 400 for 2 maps and if they added one more it would have been 600 mp (same as h3) so just chill.

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