New Mexico Proposes Video Game Tax To Get Kids Off Arses

New Mexico Proposes Video Game Tax To Get Kids Off Arses
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sierra_club_logo.jpgThe latest proposal that would tax video games (and televisions) in an effort to fund other, seemingly unrelated programs has popped up in New Mexico, initiated by the Sierra Club. The environmental organization’s executive director, Carl Pope, writes on the Huffington Post that tacking on a 1% tax on games and televisions would generate some $US 4 million toward pushing the “No Child Left Inside” agenda, getting chubby kids off their humps and out to national parks where they can receive an outdoor education.

We suppose that this sort of diversion of funds makes more sense than others. I just hope they don’t limit the use of PSPs for these poor kids brought to tears by the prospect of experiencing “nature”. And, please New Mexico, make sure these kids are well stocked on Happy Meals.

A Tax to Remember [The Huffington Post via GamePolitics]


  • Well the problem with video games and television is that it’s easy to spend too much time doing both. Movies go for about 2 hours, and that’s a good length. You get your movie, then you get up and do something else. The problem with TV and Games is that it’s easy to spend too much time doing them – of course, last time I checked most kids have an attention span shorter than a few seconds and so the games kids play generally have short game times – so the kid will actually finish the game before they get bored. I mean, anyone under 12/13/14 (different for some kids) actually being bothered to finish a Final Fantasy game? Get a clue people.

    Maybe they should just do a TV and MMORPG tax. That would be the only tax on games that makes sense. But considering how parents are afraid of internet predators – I don’t see how kids could be playing MMORPGs excessively anyway.

    If you want a better reason why new Mexico’s kids are fat – take a look at what the kids are eating for lunch in their government funded food program, I’m not sure if there’s any dirt to be dug up from:
    But I think we should all give it a shot.

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