New Weapons Coming To Team Fortress 2

New Weapons Coming To Team Fortress 2
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tf2medic.jpgPC Gamer UK has revealed the major class changes in store for Team Fortress 2 that Valve hinted at earlier this month. Along with the new class-based achievements they start rolling out next update, each class will get a pair of unlockable weapons that have the potential to change how they are played. For instance, unlocking half of the new medic achievements earns you the Overhealer, which grants a permanent 100% health increase to your comrades at the cost of Ubercharge buildup being slower or possibly even non-existent.

Each class will eventually have two new pieces of equipment, with the second unlocked when you complete all class achievements, that will be selectable in a new loadout menu. It really is an interesting way to freshen up the classes – fundamentally altering the way you play based on the tools you use. Hit up the link for more info on the update including details on the new game mode, which is essentially a multiplayer escort mission through the Gold Rush map. Of course this new content is only confirmed for the PC, a fact that has me amazingly pleased that I got impatient and bought the game via Steam. Woot!

Team Fortress 2 Gets Unlockable Weapons
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