Next-Gen Xbox Development Already Underway?

nostradamus.jpgThat's what the latest issue of EGM says in its Quarterman rumors section, indicating that an unnamed "first party sequel" is already in development for whatever console Microsoft has planned after the Xbox 360. That could mean a next-gen—yes, that next-gen—Halo, Perfect Dark or Viva Pinata is just a few years off, as is the next step in the Xbox hardware cycle. Seems a bit early, doesn't it, given that the 360 is only two years and change old? Given that the Xbox and Xbox 360 were born just four years apart, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility—these games do take quite a bit of time to cobble together—but we doubt that another short lifecycle on the current generation box would sit well with gamers.

Microsoft Already Working on Game For Next Xbox? [1UP]


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