Now David Jaffe Wants A One-Console Future

pieinsky.jpgDavid Jaffe's sick of multiple consoles. 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, it's doing his head in. Instead, like both Dennis Dyack and myself - it's the closest I ever came to an impassioned, soapbox speech in a school playground - he'd prefer a future in which there's only one console.

We have it with DVD, we had it with VHS. We have it with televisions (in the sense that- for the most part- every tv is capable of broadcasting the same signal). So what do we lose by having it for game consoles?

Aside from NPD pissing contests, nothing! Which is why it's all the more pity that it'll never happen. But dream on, Jaffe. Dream on!
ALL FOR ONE!....? [Jaffe's Blog]


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