Nyko Brings Guitar Hero, Rock Band Together Via One Guitar

nyko_frontman.jpgWhile Activision, RedOctane and Harmonix sling barbs at eachother via the internet and corporate statements in a very un-rock and roll like fashion, PlayStation 3 owners are twiddling their thumbs waiting for second guitars to play Rock Band with. Nyko, manufacturer of all things wireless and occasionally of questionable worth, has its own solution, one that lets PS3 owners play both Guitar Hero III and Rock Band. Using the power of dongles, one shaped like a small scale footpedal, fake guitarists can switch from one title to the other, all while playing a very capable guitar controller.

I stopped by Nyko's CES suite this morning to try it out and walked away impressed, very much looking forward to the March release date. Despite generally avoiding third-party accessories, Nyko's Frontman looks to do a serviceable job of addressing some of the issues inherent with Rock Band's default guitar controller. Fret buttons are more Guitar Hero-like, as is the strum switch which clicks instead of squishes like the official Rock Band ax.

For sixty bucks American, it might be the best option for those who have grown tired of waiting for an official solution or those who simply wish to whittle down their toy guitar collection.


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