Online Gaming Grows Up - Gambling and Pyramid Schemes!

zhengtulittle.jpg Giant Interactive's Zhengtu has been getting some attention lately, mostly for its unholy mix of gambling, regular MMORPG high jinxs, and RMT - now they're getting ready to launch a new game, Giant Online. The hook? 500 RMB in virtual currency (almost $70) incentive to sign up and play. Steve at PlayNoEvil says:

The company portrays itself as a traditional online game firm, however, it is fairly clear that they are stretching the boundaries of online gaming and gambling ....

And, from the look of things, it is very clear that they are planning to continue pushing the limits of gambling. After all, who else is going to give you 500 Yuan (almost $US 70) in incentives to play? I certainly recognise this marketing pattern from the spam that floods my email box from various Internet casinos ....

The other "fun" trend is marketing pyramid schemes built around gaming. The one I've been seeing a bit of lately is uVme.

Ah, growing pains. I doubt we'll be seeing the gambling craze spreading, but one never knows.

Giant Online - You know its online gambling when.... [PlayNoEvil]


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