Only At CES: Wii Nunchuk Speakers "On Play"

wii_speakers_subwoofer.jpgThe South Hall of CES is loaded with traditionally non-gaming companies showcasing their wares with popular games. If you want to get in a few free sessions of Guitar Hero III, Halo 3 or Wii Sports, this is the place to be. If you're looking for a speaker that's shaped like a Wii nunchuk, it's also the place to be. Fenda Tech's home theater offering may have a very specific appeal with it's Wii inspired speakers and subwoofer, but it actually sounds pretty good for a novelty product. Fenda says the 2.1 system "intensifies your gaming with a soundfield that surrounds you," so if that's sounds like your bag, watch for the $US 50-ish system to launch later this year.


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