Oz PS3 Users, Go Get Devil May Cry 4 Demo From Japan

Oz PS3 Users, Go Get Devil May Cry 4 Demo From Japan

dmc4_3.jpgYesterday Activision, the local representatives for Capcom in Australia, let us know that the PS3 Devil May Cry 4 demo would be delayed until February 1.

Okay, so you can’t get it from our Playstation Network. But tipster Ben sends word that a very playable and very English DMC 4 demo can be downloaded from the Japanese PSN. So if you’re eager to give it a go, there’s nothing really stopping you.

Kind of makes you wonder why Capcom/Activision would delay the release here. Surely they’d have to know we’d be able to pinch it from elsewhere?


  • You can pinch it off the US Playstation Network as well. Might make it easier to navigate through the store if you can’t read Japanese.

  • Fuck capcom then, cuz I change my mind to take my reserve money back from Gamestop. Put xbox live demo on time, and delay ps3 demo on purpose. Capcom I’m not gonna buy DMC 4 of yours. Because you just pissed me off by favoring xbox over ps3, well FUCK YOU CAPCOM and your DMC4. Feb. 1 mind of don’t put it on at all, that’s only 4 days away from the release date. Capcom want xbox fanboys laugh at ps3 fanboys while we wait for demo. FUCK U, FUCK U, FUCK U CAPCOM.

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