Oz PS3 Users, Go Get Devil May Cry 4 Demo From Japan

dmc4_3.jpgYesterday Activision, the local representatives for Capcom in Australia, let us know that the PS3 Devil May Cry 4 demo would be delayed until February 1.

Okay, so you can't get it from our Playstation Network. But tipster Ben sends word that a very playable and very English DMC 4 demo can be downloaded from the Japanese PSN. So if you're eager to give it a go, there's nothing really stopping you.

Kind of makes you wonder why Capcom/Activision would delay the release here. Surely they'd have to know we'd be able to pinch it from elsewhere?


    You can pinch it off the US Playstation Network as well. Might make it easier to navigate through the store if you can't read Japanese.

    question would be, how do i access other countries stores?

    Could it be because of the OFLC? I notice demos have ratings on them on Xbox Live...

    I still don't understand why you're talking about Activision.


    Fuck capcom then, cuz I change my mind to take my reserve money back from Gamestop. Put xbox live demo on time, and delay ps3 demo on purpose. Capcom I'm not gonna buy DMC 4 of yours. Because you just pissed me off by favoring xbox over ps3, well FUCK YOU CAPCOM and your DMC4. Feb. 1 mind of don't put it on at all, that's only 4 days away from the release date. Capcom want xbox fanboys laugh at ps3 fanboys while we wait for demo. FUCK U, FUCK U, FUCK U CAPCOM.

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