Paint By DS With Colors!

paintbyds.jpgPressure sensitivity isn't one of the most advertised features of the Nintendo DS touch screen, as the last thing you want to tell an 8 year-old is to hit the touch screen harder, but it can come in quite handy for the homebrew scene. Take Colors! for example. Taking advantage of the touch screen's pressure sensitivity, Colors! uses techniques developed for drawing pads to turn the DS into a portable electronic sketchbook. The picture above was created using the program, and there is an entire gallery of amazing art made with the program. Not only that, but using a companion Java program called ColorsDraw you can replay your painting on your PC at a higher resolution. Colors! is what the homebrew scene is all about. Not pirating games, but reaching beyond the hardware manufacturer's vision to create something truly wonderful.

Colors! Home Page [Collecting Smiles via Evil Avatar]
Image created by tsenzen


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