PAL Virtual Console Update Update

harvmoon.jpgPretty slim pickings this week. There's not the customary three games on offer. Heck, there's not even two games on offer. Just one. A single, solitary game. But proponents of the saying "quality trumps quantity" will be high-fiving across Europe and Australia, as that one game is Harvest Moon for the SNES. It's not my favourite Harvest Moon (A Wonderful Life somehow holds that honour), but with some Wii points change lying around and no new games to play I may just settle in for a weekend of tedious, back-breaking virtual labour.


    As a kid I loved Harvest Moon to pieces, it was a great game and my favourite in the series. Looking back on it now I was probably too enthuiastic about the game wasting hours of my life away, building my love rating to 999 with my wife while other people my age were wooing actual real girls. Either way Harvest Moon has a lot of charm.

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