Papercraft: Halo's D77 Pelican Dropship

peli7.jpg It has been a loooong time since I posted a papercraft and oddly enough, I think the last one I posted was a Master Chief back when we had just arrived in Tokyo for TGS. So, needless to say this is long overdue. This week's feature is the D77 Pelican Dropship for the Halo games. For all you non Halo-ites (me included) here is a description of the vehicle from

(The D77 Pelican Dropship is) a versatile craft used by the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) mainly for extraction and transportation of personnel and equipment but can also serve as a gunship. It has a large overhang on its rear that serves as an attachment point for large cargo and ordnance which range from Warthogs, to Scorpion Tanks, or troop-bay extensions.

Perfect project for a rainy or boring weekend. Now get out those X-actos and get to work!

D-77 Pelican Dropship papercraft model [Planet StarFreak]


    give us the paper pelicen instuctions please

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