Paramount Moving To Blu-Ray, HD-DVD Dead, Can We All Just Get On With Our Lives Now?

poppies.jpgThe Financial Times are reporting that part of Paramount Studio's deal with the HD-DVD camp included a get-out clause. Said clause would be triggered when and if Warner turned coat and signed with Blu-Ray. Oops. Paramount are now "poised" to do just that, leaving the vast majority of studios aligned with team Blu-Ray and HD-DVD dead in the water. Man, I hope this is true. Not because I give two hoots about either "side" in this "war", but because this fixation with two movie formats has been one of the stupidest distractions from gaming this industry has ever seen.
Paramount in HD DVD blow [FT]


    yay transformers on blu ray!!!!! FINALY!

    It is with great shame that I hereby concede defeat in the format war, while I own neither... Wait, I have a PS3... damn... Well, while I have bought movies on neither format, I believed strongly that HD-DVD would win. Happily I admit that Blu-Ray has won, as its larger capacity makes the change from DVD more worthwile.

    GG Blu-Ray.
    GG HD-DVD.

    This is sad news for us in Oz land since HD DVD was region free.

    Still honestly I like my vast DVD collection, don't really want to replace it.

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