Patapon Is Going To Party Exactly Like It's $US 19.99

patapon_1999.jpgWe're not sure whether to be amused or saddened by Sony's announcement that the stylistically sexy rhythm game Patapon for PSP is getting the unusual budget price of twenty bucks. On the one hand, we very much like cheap combined with our rhythm games. On the other, it's quite clear that someone in charge of making things cost a certain amount realises that Patapon, no matter how favourably it has been previewed and may be reviewed, will be met with plenty of consumer head-scratching and dandruff shedding. Hopefully, the budget part of the brain will win out over the disapproval of a game that has no cars, no guns and a weird name.

Patapon Pata-Price: $US 19.99 [PlayStation Blog]


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