Peeing Next to Bill Gates

billgateshooters.jpg So Bill Gates gave his last keynote. End of an era! But what about the man? Some of you would like to know more. We've run loads of creepy KotakuStalku posts, but this has to be one of the creepier. (Oh goodie!) France's most famous blogger Loic Le Meur dishes to Shiny Shiny's Kat about the time he took a whiz next to Microsoft honcho Bill Gates at another conference. Le Meur says:

You know what I'll tell you. I will look like I'm full of shit if I tell you... I went to the bathroom, and the person next to me was Bill Gates. So, I had more than eye contact. Well, no contact. No, no, there wasn't any contact, right. But, you know, it's kind of a weird situation. You're kinda like, 'I know this guy.' There was no bodyguard or nothing there... That's a true story.

True or not, we take this as startling evidence that Bill Gates is in fact human.
Peeing Next to Bill Gates [Shiny Shiny][Pic]


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