Penny Arcade Closes Door On McCullough

pamccullough.jpgWhen I first read Town Hall columnist Kevin McCullough's over-the-top, uninformed ramblings about the virtual sodomy rampant in BioWare's Mass Effect, I must admit that I got a bit angry. When the backlash and internet traffic he received caused him to issue a clarification of sorts, justifying his words while going out of his way to insult the gaming community, the reasoning behind this sudden personal hostility was readily apparent, though - as with many things in life - it took Mike and Jerry over at Penny Arcade to bring things into a focus so sharp as to risk getting eyeball juice all over your keyboard. The Stratagem neatly sums up the reasons why this will be the last article I write about McCullough, and could very well be the greatest artistic endeavor ever to contain the exclamation "Shit on a biscuit."

The Stratagem [Penny Arcade]


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