Performance Enhancers Come To Gaming (Officially)

product.gifLet's be honest, we gamers have been abusing performance enhancing drugs for some time in liquid form— Jolt, Mt. Dew, coffee, tea, me—but a German company named Tomarni thinks they can do one better and make this whole craze official with their new product FpsBrain.

It's not actually an exciting new drug, but a pill that looks like it could double as a gas station performance enhancer, if you know what I mean. B vitamins and a variety of other vaguely familiar mins, sins and tins make up the ingredient list (posted after the jump). If any doctors in the audience would like to elaborate on the listing, by all means do so in the comments (we promise not to sue you). Otherwise, all interested parties can get their own placebos pills at the hefty rate of 60 for $US 30, or about US 50 cents a pop.

1. L-Glutamin 100,00 mg
2. L-Tyrosin 100,00 mg
3. Betain 50,00 mg
4. Vitamin C 75,00 mg
5. Vitamin E 10,00 mg
6. Niacinamid 18,00 mg
7. Selen 30,00 µg
8. Calciumpantothenat 6,00 mg
9. Vitamin B6 2,00 mg
10. Vitamin B2 1,60 mg
11. Vitamin B1 1,40 mg
12. Vitamin B12 1,00 µg
13. Folsäure 200,00 µg
14. Biotin 150,00 µg
15. Coffein 5,00 mg
16. Sojalecithin 250,00 mg

Mmmmmm, milligrams.

Product [via eurogamer]


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