Perpetual Responds to Kohnke Suit

kC.jpgKohnke Communication's suit against Star Trek Online developer Perpetual Entertainment is "vague, uncertain, ambiguous and unintelligible" according to a recent filing made by the developer.

While lacking in the vitriol found in Kohnke's original claim, which claimed among other things that they were paid to deliver good reviews for now moth-balled MMO Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, it does a pretty good job of denying everything without saying much at all.

Perpetual's response asks the judge to toss the original suit out and force Kohnke to pay for their attorneys' fees after outlining why none of Kohnke's 13 claims have any substance. So boring, I was hoping for more dirt on the whole delivering-review-scores-for-pay issue.

PR Firm Dishes on Influence over Reviews in Suit [Kotaku]


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