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signcontestmain.jpg Voting time! We've picked ten finalists for you, Kotakuland, to select from. Now, that means voting for ONE finalist, not two or three, but ONE. Put the finalist's number in order for your vote to count. Also, dip into little Mr. Critic territory and we'll ban your ass. M'kay? The winner will get Culdcept Saga stuff that includes the Xbox 360 game, a poster signed by the game's producer Kohei Takeshige and the soundtrack signed by Takeshige and composer Kenji Ito (who worked on some big Square games in the 90's and is now part of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl composer superteam). Much love and respect to all who entered. As always, the quality of entries impressed the crap outta us. (And we're super jaded!) Voting ends tonight at midnight Mountain Time. Okay, onto the finalists and their INTERNET FAME:

Finalist 1
Matthew writes:

Sometimes in life you just don't know what game to play so I made this sign to at least give you directions as where to play them and put it up in my apartment complex. I made the sign by using a CNC mill, the hardest part was getting the depth of the companion cube edges right with the proper curvature. And the best thing about the sign is whichever way you decide to go you have chosen wisely.

Finalist 2
Musashi writes:

And just for the record, that's my son - I didn't nab some homeless kid off the street...

Finalist 3
Shawn writes:

I call it Mongoose Crossing (go figure)

I made this sign not long After I read the original Contest post.
It was fairly easy to make, I went into Halo 3's Forge and picked up the mongoose and held it to the sun on Valhalla.

From there I used Saved Films to take a screen shot of said mongoose. Then using Photoshop I took the mongoose and applied it to my XING sign made previously.

the mongoose crossing pictures were taken in the back yard of my friends house with a Large pasture in the background. I felt the pasture was fitting due to its wide open spaces(Valhalla), and that the Mongoose is an ATV.

Finalist 4
KingDavid73 writes:

Here's my "My Boy" CDi Zelda entry. I hope everyone likes it, because, My Boy, THIS, Internet Fame, is what all true warriors strive for.

Finalist 5
Andy writes:

I had no idea what to do, so I took a stroll through my games last night and saw ICO, and figured it'd go along nicely with the crossing sign. After about an hour or two on Photoshop and 45 minutes with Office Depot's worthless printing staff, I got this gem.

Protip: The language beneath the picture is the one spoken by its characters; it says "crossing".

Finalist 6

This sign represents the memories of the many lives that players had wasted as aresult of falling into spikes, or as I like to called it 'spike trap.'

Finalist 7
MrJGM writes:

As for the signs, I started out with the idea of making a home security sign based on the BLU team and their home security turrets. While looking on Google for images to use I came across the Portal image of a sentry and thought the valuables are a lie! which is how I came up with the Aperture lab home security sign idea.

Finalist 8
MelodyKitn writes:

Here is SLOW: Little Sister At Play, in honor of those creepy little girls that vexed the hero's humanity (to reap or let live).

Finalist 9
A.J. writes:

When I first read the article regarding the contest, I immediately thought "Hm, outdoor game related sign... road crossing sign... ANIMAL CROSSING SIGN!" Simple as that, heh.

Finalist 10
J writes:

Still in love with the Orange Box so that's pretty much all the inspiration here.



    Simple, understandable, universal. Not just a great piece of humor, but also a well design sign for it's purpose.

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