Pirates of the Burning Sea Guide Comes with Free (Virtual) Parrot

potbsguide.jpg Prima, the purveyors of game guides everywhere has announced that their latest guide for Flying Lab Software's new MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea will come with some freebies. The guide, which can be purchased at stores ($US 19.99) or downloaded digitally ($US 14.99) will include an exclusive code for an in-game red parrot and the chance to win a limited edition 8"x10" high gloss ship print signed by the Flying Lab development team. Prima promises an in-depth guide that features details of every ship, a career guide, tables of all skills and recipes, and tips on taking advantage of the user-based economy and trading systems. The print version will also include a pull out map to help pave your way to massive pillaging and booty on the high seas. If you head over to the Prima Games website now, you can download a $US 10 off coupon for purchase of the guide at Best Buy.


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