Playboy And THQ Join For Virtual Nudity

Playboy%20Games%20-%20Pool%20Party_splash.jpgTHQ is teaming up with Playboy for a series of new mobile games, and their first en devour will be Playboy Games: Pool Party. While many would think that a system like the Nintendo DS could better capture both of a Playmates' best features, hardcore cellphone gamers across the world will get to play non-nude "pool party sports"—hosted by Love Connection alum Chuck Woolery—including water balloon fights, waterslide slaloms and aquatic mechanical bull riding.

Yes, you read that correctly—aquatic mechanical bull riding. Doesn't anyone just swim naked anymore? What a grey, humdrum life is lived beyond the blessed walls of Hugh Hefner mobile entertainment. If you're looking for more details, here's the full, anatomically accurate version:

January 28, 2008 - THQ Wireless Inc., a subsidiary of THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI), today announced that it has signed a worldwide agreement with Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: PLA, PLAA) to exclusively develop Playboy-branded mobile games. The multi-year Playboy agreement covers the development and publishing rights to multiple Playboy-branded, lifestyle themed, non-nude mobile games featuring bikini-clad Playmates to be released worldwide. The first title, Playboy Games: Pool Party, is scheduled to launch in summer 2008.

"Given the extensive appeal and popularity of the Playboy brand, mobile games based on this license are sure to provide a fun and entertaining experience," said Adam Comiskey, vice president, international, THQ Wireless. "THQ Wireless is ideally positioned to provide engaging games with the hallmark of the Playboy lifestyle."

"The number of Playboy fans around the world has never been greater and that popularity is reflected in the growing sales of Playboy-branded products and services," said Ed Lang, senior vice president of mobile, Playboy Media Group. "Given the growth of the mobile industry, we're excited to join THQ Wireless in offering this next-generation form of entertainment to consumers."

Playboy Games: Pool Party will include a set of mini-games depicting animated, bikini-clad Playmates at the famous Playboy Mansion engaged in "pool party sports" including poolside water balloon fights, waterslide slaloms and aquatic mechanical bull riding. Developed by THQ Wireless internal studio Universomo, Playboy Games: Pool Party is based on actual events held at the Playboy Mansion and immortalised in the Playboy Home Entertainment DVD release, Playmate Playoffs, hosted by Chuck Woolery.


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