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To: Someone, Anyone?
From: Crecente

We left the family home today heading north through Georgia, Tennessee and finally into Kentucky to rest for the night. My son spent a lot of time sitting quietly in the back marveling at the wonders of Wii in a van. I sat up front game-free working all day via a cell connection and my poor wife drove all day. About 6 p.m. my son, who had been eying a box of Pocky I received for Christmas, suddenly broke the silence by begging me for some “Pock!” I’d been promising him a taste for two days and finally decided I probably should go ahead and give him a stick or two. Looks like I’m going to have to start stocking up on more of those now. He LOVED it.

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  • Asian stores are the best to get pocky for cheap … anyway … urm I just hope you keep a close eye on his pocky consumption … eating too much of the stuff is bad for you I got people addicted to it at one point but he got sick after I gave him 20 boxes….

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