Political Dickery Apologises

masseffectsodomyapologize.jpg And like that, clueless columnist Kevin McCullough gets a clue. Sorta. Previously, he claimed that Mass Effect allows players to "engage in the most realistic sex ever conceived." He then try to talk his way out of his blunder with a snide correction. Now, he's finally apologised. He writes:

Based on the multitude of response by gamers who share my concern for decency in the entertainment of our children, it is obvious that I had been misinformed on at least two points of substance in my original column.

For this I DO apologise to the gaming universe!

For the strides that retailers HAVE made to attempt to keep smut out of children's hands, I thank them! (Though can't we do better than 42%?)

And thank you to the many who have volunteered to help lend a hand on future gaming issues...

If enforcement numbers track similarly in terms of improvement as they have from 2000-2005, then the critical concern I carry with me deeply in regards to minors getting inappropriate material and spending tens of hours at a time removed from society absorbing it will be minimised.

I still do concur with my original position that the objectionable content in Mass Effect is still offensive, and should be kept out of the hands of those under age.

And here I was hoping he would apologise for the "virtual orgasmic rape" bit.
Gaming "M" Ratings Follow-Up... [Townhall.com]


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