Possibility Of A PS3 Orange Box Patch?

obps3.jpgWhile Mike clearly showed the PS3 version of the Orange Box wasn't a disaster, the 360 version is still the better of the two. Which sucks for PS3 owners. Things might not be all bad for owners of Sony's console, however, with a Valve representative - posting on the company's forums in response to a complaint over the PS3 version - stating:

I am sorry that you are unsatisfied with your game. I hope that we will be able to correct any major issues in the future.

Course he could just be saying Valve will never ever let EA London touch another of their games ever again. Optimists and finger-crossers, though, will prefer to think he means a lot of the PS3 version's issues (especially the framerate in the HL games) can and will be fixed in a future patch.
A Letter to Valve Regarding The Orange Box PS3 Edition [Steam Forums]


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