Price No Big Whoop For Japanese Gamers

2979_large_0178098_screen.jpg Japanese consumers are tough cookies! They are selective — picky, even. Or are they? A survey on Japanese website questioned over 3,000 gamers. Findings include:

• 43 percent said the top reason they pick a console was "because it's compatible with the game they absolutely want to play."
• 43 percent want to buy the "most talked about console."
• 6 percent said that price is a factor in determining which console they buy.
• 10 percent have a PS3.
• 25 percent have a Wii.
• 3 percent have an Xbox 360.
• 28 percent said they wanted to buy a Wii in the future.
• 27 percent said they wanted to buy a PS3.

Ah, yes. Fun with numbers.
Japanese Gamer Poll [CNN via Next Gen][Pic]


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