Pro Evo Patched Again (Who still has an anlog TV?)

Pro Evo Patched Again (Who still has an anlog TV?)
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17477.jpg Have an analog TV? Konami cares. No, really. The company is putting out yet anoter patch for Pro Evo 2008. Apparently, the game was shuttering when hooked up to a CRT tube. The new patch, which installs automatically when you log into PSN, will hopefully fix those issues. Too bad there’s not patch to turn those TVs into high def televisions.

Quick head count, who’s got an old school telly? I know MTV’s Stephen Totilo does. That man is kurazy!!
Pro Evo Patched [CVG][Pic]


  • I have 4 tv’s, 2 of which are CRT. One of them is a chunky 68cm for playing Wii on and the other resides in my bedroom for watching normal dvd’s. I have a 26″ 720p tv, which has been good to me for the past 3 years, but have just recently upgraded to a 46″ Sony Bravia W series Full HD (1080p) LCD which my PS3 and 360 are hooked up to.

    I still beleive CRT’s are best for Wii, even with component cables, stretching a 480i/P picture on a HDTV looks horrible. Oh and for retro gaming as well.

  • I do. We’re not all stinking rich (yes I do have HD consoles, but I consider myself lucky, and even so, we’re not millionares, and I know alot of families CAN’T afford them) For alot of people a HDTV is smiply not an option, even if they fork out for something like a PS3. Either that or it’s not worth it (they could only get a real small HDTV and still need set top boxes, speakers etc), OR it’s a choice – screen for game system, or the game system (I know which I’d choose. Better to play in SD than not at all.)

    Developer’s should – no, MUST continue to support SDTVs as long as the console they develop for claims to. If it says SDTV compatible on the box, it has to be. And why the hell shouldn’t it. Is it that hard to add a larger font option? *Curses the tiny text in Assassin’s Creed*

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