Professor Layton Developer Gets Soccer Stadium

48000.jpg Just look at Level 5 go! The company behind those Professor Layton games, ponied up for slapping its name on a soccer stadium for J League team Avispa Fukuoka. For $US 287,000 a year, the J League stadium will be dubbed "Level 5 Stadium." The contract is for a three year lease, starting March 1, 2008 and ending February 28, 2011. Says Fukuoka major Hiroshi Yoshida:

I'm very happy about Level 5's decision. Fukuoka's position in the gaming industry is rising every year. The involvement of the youth is increasing. The meaning of this naming rights is that Fukuoka is putting greater effort in the gaming world, and this is a symbol of that.

Another interesting thing to consider: This year, Level 5 is releasing a soccer RPG called Inazuma Eleven for the Nintendo DS. If anything, this stadium seems to be a very, very clever marketing ploy.
Level 5 Stadium [Famitsu]


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