Prototype Screenies

Prototype Screenies

pt_shot5.jpgYes, it’s even more Prototype content. Images instead of words or a video this time.

You’ll find a mix of concept art and screenshots after the jump (including a nice one of the Specialist). I was going to caption them, but I think they speak for themselves. Pro tip: They mainly say “Rawr”.



  • Ohhh, so Prototype : X-Files (truth is out there) :: InFamous : Heroes (save the cheerleader [or you know, not])! I thought they were both pretty much the same game there for a while.

    Anyways – even though he’s going more Alucard!Tendril-action (sort of) in the first picture, it reminded me of that scene in Nightmare on Elm St 3 where Freddy turns that dude into a marionette with his own veins for strings, which STILL FREAKS ME OUT!

    Also: the ‘No Standing’ picture is really very pretty (if you disregard those huge-ass harbingers of death in the sky gunnin’ for ya and all).

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