PS3 To Offer More Than Just Achievements?

hometrophy.jpg Sure, I'm over them, but I'm in the clear minority; most of you lot can't get enough of achievement points. You crave them. Oh, except for people who own only a PS3. You don't. But you soon will, and not just in Home's promised "trophy shelf" system either. PSN boss Eric Lempel:

I know that an achievement system is very important to our consumers. With Home, and in addition to Home, we have some very exciting programs planned to recognize our consumers gaming skills and loyalty in new ways that go well beyond a single score.

In addition to Home? Well beyond a single score? Intriguing. And that whole business of rewarding loyalty...hints at a Club Nintendo-style members reward club, perhaps? Who knows, we're just thinking aloud, but we've thought aloud of things a lot more ridiculous than that.
PSN - Future Tool of Destruction? [Next-Gen]


    well all want to k know when home will be let out out the bag so we all can enjoy it

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