PS3, Xbox 360 Get Exclusive Star Wars Soul Calibur IV Characters

yoda_soulcalibur_iv.jpgThe recently announced guest appearances of Darth Vader and Yoda in Soulcalibur IV come with a catch—each release will feature a console exclusive Star Wars character, with Darth Vader playable only in the PlayStation 3 version, Yoda playable only in the Xbox 360 version. Yes, you'll be able to enjoy pitting light saber against sword, but you may not be able to actually have a Yoda versus Darth battle unless Namco Bandai and LucasArts decide to make them available via downloadable content.

Now, it's time to play.


    Oh gawd.

    It's all a giant gimmick that's gonna wrangle even more people into Soul Calibur IV.

    The remaining Star Wars fans who have been hiding since the series ended in 2005 (ironic, no? *points to episode 3*) will come out of their spots responding to the beacon set in Soul Calibur IV.

    Devious works, my friends...
    Devious works.

    God damn it Namco, it was bad enough you are messing up SC by putting in the characters, (mind you I've had tonnes of cameos in SC3 thanks to the character creator: Jesus vs Chuck Norris is always good for a laugh.)

    But WHY did you have to go and mess it up even further by making the characters console specific???? please please have both or none at all.

    PS does SC4 still have a character creation?

    have dem in both. Both in each console version dun make gamrs choose n have dem at useable in d beginnin PLZ! Dat wuld b great

    i have both console n dunno wat 2 choose but i wuld go 4 xbox coz i want 2 feel d authenticity of the vibration wen usin lite-sabers.

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